About Susan

Susan DewbrewSusan Dewbrew is a gifted and passionate teacher. She has an amazing tenacity for seeking truth and dispensing it with love and clarity. As much of an intellectual as she is a nurturer, she has a keen ability to instruct and encourage every believer in the fulfillment of their own personal calling and destiny.

Susan honestly believes that God not only wants the Church to change the world for the better, but also that He is empowering all believers to do just that. She has a vision to see individual lives so transformed that the kingdoms of this world become the Kingdom of our Lord. Like Joan of Arc of old, Susan wants to see God’s Army rally together and unite the nation to drive out the enemy and install the rightful King on the throne. You will often hear her say, “together we can do it!!”

Prior to opening her ‘tent-making’ business in real estate, Susan was on staff at Convergence Church in Fort Worth, Texas as a Ministry Strategist where she also founded and led their Healing Rooms ministry. She is serious about seeing people healed physically, emotionally, spiritually, intellectually, relationally, and financially.

Susan is never far away from a good cup of coffee and never too busy to encourage someone in the Lord. She values her Bible education even above her Bachelor of Arts degree obtained from the prestigious and historic Washington College in Chestertown, Maryland.

She is madly in love with her husband Gregory.  Together they have four amazing children and three grandchildren who have Gramma and Pops right where they want them!

About Gregory

gregory bbq-ingGregory Dewbrew, President and Founding Director of Harvesting International Ministry Center (  Not only has Gregory devoted his life to feeding the poor, he brings decades of ministry experience and expertise with him everywhere he goes. Gregory has devoted much of time serving the Church.  He is a pastor extraordinaire who fathers and loves people with a nurturing spirit coupled with a strong prophetic gifting.

When Gregory was younger, his sole ambition was to be a drug lord.  Thankfully in 1987, he had a radical encounter with Jesus one day while sitting in a pickup truck with a co-worker.  From that moment on Gregory’s life was radically and permanently changed.  He became not just a believer… but a sold-out disciple … a world changer in the making.

Since 1991, Gregory has worked tirelessly getting food to families struggling to make ends meet.  He volunteered his time for the first ten years before going on staff where he now serves full-time as President and CEO of Harvesting International Ministry Center, Inc. — a large food bank and food pantry in Mansfield, Texas.  Gregory literally feeds the poor for a living!

Over the years, Gregory has also served in a number of church positions and assisted with innumerable outreaches and events, both at home and abroad.  Serving as a domestic disaster director, Gregory was instrumental in developing food distribution hubs during Hurricane Katrina, the Oklahoma floods and the North Texas tornadoes.  He has spent many years serving churches as a youth pastor and associate pastor.

Gregory is a graduate of both Christ for the Nations Institute (CFNI) School of Biblical Studies as well as the former Arlington School of Biblical Studies.

He enjoys spending time with his family, fishing, and serving on the foreign mission field.  Gregory is a servant’s servant… His personal integrity and level of giving are evidence of a changed life that models the Servant of All. He is a prophetic minister who clearly hears Daddy God’s heart and His voice and for His children.

Gregory and Susan live in Mansfield, Texas.  They have four amazing children, and three grandchildren who have their grandparents totally wrapped around their little fingers.


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