Crown Her a King ™
Restoring God’s Glory to the Bride of Christ
© By Susan Dewbrew

Crown Her a King’s primary purpose is to take the Church from the glory that it is in to a coming greater glory. It is to take the Church and to allow the Church to develop into fullness. We are to be the manifest sons of God, which simply means that we are to be in a progressive state of constant maturing, and that our purpose as the Bride of Christ is to reproduce sons and daughters who will do greater works than the prior generations.

Susan Dewbrew’s book is a book not only for the Church of now, but also for the Church of tomorrow. Despite our prior misunderstanding of 1st Corinthians 14:34 (which says ‘women are to keep silent in the church for they are not permitted to speak’), I believe with all my heart that God is speaking prophetically and speaking revelation through His women. Women are called to prophesy, preach, teach, lay hands on the sick. They are called to come down from the mountaintop. The mountain will open; the wings upon it will open up, and the women will come down as in chariots. “The Lord gives the word [of power]; the women who bear and publish [the news] are a great host (Psalm 68:11, AMP).” Crown Her a King will indeed raise up a greater company of women for the end-time glory of the Church.

Convening Apostle,
International Coalition of Apostles
Fort Worth, Texas

My dad was the greatest Christian I have ever known. A man’s man. A man not given to show much emotion. And yet when I was just a boy I saw my father break down and cry… And it was at the preaching of one of God’s most anointed vessels — A woman!

This book, filled with truth, wisdom and revelation from God’s Word will destroy the myth and lie that women have no place in the church. Every pastor who struggles with this issue should prayerfully read Crown Her a King. I encourage the body of Christ to read this word God has given Susan Dewbrew so that you will be set free by the truth!

Senior Pastor, Tabernacle of Praise
Singer, Songwriter, Speaker, TBN Host
Benbrook, Texas

Susan Dewbrew is a force to be reckoned with. We worked side by side for 5 years at Convergence Church in Fort Worth, Texas, and I watched as she poured her heart and life into the body of Christ. She created systems for ministries that are still operational today. She is a builder. Her heart is as big as the state of Texas. It is no surprise that our Heavenly Father would ask her to tackle a worldwide issue. That is the issue of redeemed women standing together with redeemed men in their callings before God, in His kingdom, and in the local church.

Associate Pastor, Convergence Church
Fort Worth, TX


Susan and I worked closely together in church administration for years. That is where I discovered how the Lord gifted her with magnificent teaching skills, both one on one and to large groups. She possesses a God-given ability to bring truth and equip in an extremely positive and encouraging way, whether on how to do a mail merge, or find the Greek root of a word in Scripture! I love that about my friend Susan!

Crown Her a King is a message totally rooted and grounded upon the Gospel of Grace: The Gospel of the Kingdom. Susan has bravely gone where very few have dared to go on “the woman issue”, discovering error that must be reconciled with His Truth. I have listened to many expound on this issue, but NEVER have I EVER had anyone submit evidence that demands a verdict and confirms research that undeniably aligns with God’s Truth on the matter! This has been a missing and necessary element to bring understanding about God’s brilliant and effective plan for man and woman to subdue the earth together as one! Susan’s heart beats with the Father’s passion for His Bride. In the pages of this series, Susan uncovers both God’s original intent and blueprint to ultimately and fully restore His Bride’s glory. It is a message that WILL change the world!

Shining sWord Ministries
El Cajon de Grecia, Costa Rica


As a former student of mine, Susan excelled in her course assignments and even went beyond the requirements and did her own extensive research on the subject of women. She has continued her study, and in Crown Her a King she has passionately taken ownership of the vision of being a world changer where God’s plan for woman is concerned. Her conversational way of writing makes for easy reading as she brings out the fallacy of the traditional teaching on women, which she supports with solid Biblical proof. She has a very interesting “take” on the Kingdom of God as it relates to the role of women. I encourage every man and woman to read this series of books, laying down your preconceived ideas regarding women and giving the Holy Spirit a chance to speak truth to your heart.

Author, WOMAN: God’s Plan not Man’s Tradition
Professor, Christian Leadership University
Salem, Oregon

I remember meeting Susan for the first time in a class that we hold for new members at Convergence Church. It did not take me long to realize that she was not a “normal” church member. Susan jumped in right away. First, helping out as a volunteer and then coming on staff full time in the area of administration. We sat in my office and talked and prayed many times over the years as she faced days of discouragement, disappointment, and betrayal with honesty, transparency, and a courage to face her own weaknesses.

I watched as love found her again, and with that came a new direction in ministry, family additions, physical healing, and fresh vision. The one thing that never changed in all those years was Susan’s passion for women stepping into all that God had created them to fulfill, including ministry. Again, I can remember standing in her study as she talked about her research and revelation concerning the role of women in the church — not from a place of bitterness or anger over how women have been mistreated over the years but, rather, from a heart excited about what God has for His bride in this new day.

I believe that she has a huge role in revealing His heart for women in this season.

Overseer, Transformations & Family Ministries
Convergence Church
Fort Worth, Texas

It has been our privilege to walk with Susan for a number of years and to see the integrity, gifting, and love for God that she carries. She is a powerful strategist and teacher. Her desire for all to know their value and identity as children of a beautiful, loving, powerful Father is inspiring and empowering. We look forward to reading these books and exploring how we can see women and men fully activated and taking their places of honor and gifting in the body of Christ.

Senior Leaders, Convergence Church
Fort Worth, Texas