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Crown Her a King ™
Restoring God’s Glory to the Bride of Christ
© By Susan Dewbrew


I love this book! I love the title. I love the spirit of it. And I love the revelation truths it has for all of us. Thank you, Susan, for your faithful obedience to both the Word and the Spirit which has produced this incredible gift to the Body of Christ.

In what many would find a daunting task, Susan invites us to re-visit some of the most controversial and misunderstood Scriptures in our Bibles.

Ten years ago the Lord began to take Susan on a journey revealing His heart for His Bride. Our paths intersected when she enrolled in distance learning classes with our online school, Christian Leadership University. As a graduate student, Susan excelled in her work, and we posted two of her final course papers on our website to be a blessing and resource to others. It is thrilling to see how the Lord used her studies with CLU as a stepping-stone on her journey. We are excited and grateful to God to see the incredible fruit and ministry being born through her life!

With refreshing optimism and not a hint of the feminist Jezebel spirit, Susan invites us to travel with her as she discovers more of God’s plan for women, His Church and indeed, the world. In what could potentially be a divisive presentation, Susan’s sweet spirit and sincere humility make her message easy to receive, as does her passionate love for Christ and His Church which come shining through on every page.

And please note: this is not simply a book about the “women’s issues”. As important as they are, there is more here than that. The Lord has given Susan a two-fold revelation which also includes key insights on what it means to be a “king and priest” ruling and reigning with Christ. Her perspective on Kingdom living, what that looks like, and how we should every day be bringing heaven to earth, is equally powerful. I wholeheartedly agree with this message. The Kingdom of heaven is not a far off place. As we release Christ and His life and power out through our lives in supernatural ways, miracles manifest and it is done here on earth as it is in heaven!

I believe because Susan’s heart was in the right place — not seeking to just prove what she wanted to believe — but really wanting to know and understand God’s heart on this subject she came to truth. Indeed, the Spirit of Truth Himself opened wide His Scriptures, took the blinders off and revealed the very mind of Christ to Susan on this matter in a powerful way. First, God spoke with a rhema word to Susan’s heart. Next, He shared another glimpse of His message through a dream given to her in the night. So God supernaturally imparted His revelation knowledge to her listening heart. I love how this teaching was birthed out of the voice and vision of God! His supernatural handprints are all over it, while it is firmly grounded in Scripture, absolutely holding fast to the Word and clinging wholly to the divinely inspired soundness of it. She has dug deep into the Scriptures and brings us new insights from both the Old and New Testaments.

In this well-documented work, Susan is quick to point out how important it is not to jump from one error to another, taking an extreme position on the other side or harboring any bitterness or hurt against those who teach something different from this. The enemy is not each other (men and women), the enemy is satan. We should work together to subdue him, not try to put down and subdue one another. Susan states that “forgiveness is the toll to the road of freedom”, and she is careful to never once let this pure message devolve into male bashing or any spirit of criticism or condemnation. Instead Susan rightfully declares, “Unity is the key to power, and honor is the key to unity.”

Indeed, God has been emphasizing 1 Peter 2:17 to my heart over and over this past year: We are to “honor all people (NASB).” ALL people, all mankind, everyone – including women. Susan’s teaching on honoring one another’s differences (as man and woman) resonates with me, because the Lord has been teaching me this as well. To be sure, this message is timely for us all.

I can personally affirm that the revelations Susan shares in this book have proven true in my own life. My wife Patti has been my co-partner in ministry throughout our 40 years of marriage. From church planting and discipleship to writing and curriculum development, I could not have done it without her. I am the first to admit I would never have been as effective in ministry without Patti and the gifts and anointing God has placed within her. Together, we are a team — so much more together than either of us would be separately. That is how it is designed to be — corporately, together, in unity expressing the glory of God in the earth.

Susan explains from Genesis how this is in fact God’s original intention! He is a Trinity, plurality in One. As humans created in His image, we are also a plurality, the two as one. That is where the fullness of His glory can be seen. As Susan says, “Man and wife were to be a plural unity, in God’s image.” The most complete representation and image of God on earth is God in man and woman together.

I think so often as leaders we recognize the amazing gifts and talents in our wives (and daughters and friends) and we know without a doubt that we are absolutely better because of them. Their anointings complete us and make us better and stronger! But then there seem to be certain verses in the Bible that somehow do relegate women to a different place than men. And we wonder, “How do we reconcile the two?” We see God in our wives! We see His anointing and wisdom and compassion in Christian women. Is there really a lesser anointing on them? Are they really not allowed to teach men, and must they “be silent” in the church as so many of us understand 1 Corinthians to teach?

As Susan writes, “Most church leaders today know that discrimination and lack of freedom are contrary to God’s love, so they’re confused and torn between Paul’s words and God’s heart.” Thankfully, Crown Her a King is going to reconcile the discrepancies and free these leaders to follow God’s heart and His Word!

I also appreciate the Discussion Questions and Private Time Questions in the Appendix section. The book is full of great revelation. But the only truth that changes us is what we actually apply to our lives. These thoughtful questions help us do just that and really make the principles our own by journaling with the Lord about the topic and hearing what He wants to speak personally to us about it.

Filled with hope, faith and contagious enthusiasm, Susan inspires us to live in God’s original design for both men and women — taking dominion together over the earth, bringing God’s supernatural Kingdom to our everyday lives by ruling and reigning with Him.

Please read this important book with an open mind and most of all, an open heart. Let the Holy Spirit reveal all the Truth He has to share with you on this crucial subject. You will learn things you’ve never known before. You will come away with a fresh understanding of familiar Scriptures. You will find peace from the tension and questions you’ve had about women in ministry and leadership. You will be blessed!

President, Christian Leadership University
Author of over 50 books including
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Buffalo, New York