Schedule for Crown Her a King

Restoring God’s Glory to the Bride of Christ


Susan Dewbrew

White Stone Fellowship  

4701 W. Sublet Road, Arlington TX 76017

Wednesday EVENINGS, 7:00 – 8:30 PM

Starting June 29th, 2016

Crown Her a King is a series that takes a unique look at the core subjects required to have victory in our everyday battle to establish God’s Kingdom in our own lives, and on the earth. This series covers such topics as the believer’s royal identity, hearing God’s voice, taking dominion, the Great Mystery, and more. Woven throughout the series is the women issue, as it a key to restoring God’s glory to the Bride of Christ. The series lays out a revelatory strategy for ushering in a renaissance in the church, a lasting revival that brings spiritual life to the world. Each one in the series is a stand-alone message, but all are an integral part of the whole.

Session 1:  Cancerous Chaldee                           June 29,2016

 Session 2:  The Gospel of the Kingdom           July 6, 2016

Session 3:  Who’s the Helper?                            July 13, 2016

Session 4:  Lies that Bind                                    July 20, 2016

How to Hear God’s Voice with Mark Virkler   July 27, 2016

Session 5:  The Groom’s Voice                           August 3, 2016

Session 6:  Your Royal Identity                         August 10, 2016

Carriers of God’s Glory with Debra Purvis    August 17, 2016

Session 7:  Taking Dominion                              August 24,2016

Session 8:  Nobility’s Rule                                   August 31, 2016

Session 9:  United We Stand…                           September 7,2016

Session 10:  True Worship, True Love             September 14, 2016

Session 11:  The Great Mystery                         September 21, 2016

Session 12:  Her Coronation                              September 28, 2016

Coronation Banquet?  TBD

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See Session Summaries for a short summary of each session

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