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Crown Her a King

Restoring God’s Glory to the Bride of Christ

© by Susan Dewbrew


Crown Her a King is a series of 12 power-packed teachings that take a unique look at the core subjects required to have victory in our battle to establish God’s Kingdom on earth. This series covers such topics as the believer’s royal identity, hearing God’s voice, taking dominion, the great mystery, and more. Woven throughout the series is the women issue, as it a key to restoring God’s glory to the Bride of Christ. The series lays out a revelatory strategy for ushering in a renaissance in the church, a lasting revival that brings spiritual life to the world. Each one in the series is a stand-alone message, but all are an integral part of the whole.

Book #1:  Cancerous Chaldee

Cancerous Chaldee is the first in this series of twelve biblically sound, yet revolutionary lessons. Through a powerful dream followed by a decade long journey, God downloaded to Susan how the Church contracted a devastating and debilitating disease. She exposes an age-old plot of the deceiver and sets the reader back on the powerful road of biblical truth. Never again will you believe the lie that God intended ‘women to be silent in the church’!  You see, these anti-female traditions are a core cause of the cancer which has infected and weakened the Church. Thankfully there is a cure for this disease which has robbed His Beloved of her splendor. This journey will restore God’s truth to the Church and reveal her true identity in the Kingdom as Christ’s glorious, noble, united, and powerful Bride.

Book #2:  The Gospel of the Kingdom

Jesus came preaching the Gospel of the Kingdom, not just the gospel of salvation. While healing, He would say, ‘the Kingdom has come upon you.’ He was constantly demonstrating Heaven’s will being done on earth. It was a reality to be experienced in the here and now. But this Kingdom’s power source is love, not control. Love does not seek its own, and love by definition always offers you a choice. If it is it forced then it is not love. God never forces His will on any of us. This is a very different Kingdom from the world we live in where the people want power so their own will can be done. But this is not the world as God designed it. His original plan for mankind was twofold: intimacy and dominion. We were to be one with Him, one with each other. And we were to subdue the earth — not each other. This is still our mission. God’s original mandate never changed.

Book #3:  Who’s the Helper?

Unity was the key to our power, so satan’s main objective was to get us to divide. Since we have dominion here, he has to gain influence over the earth through people. He attacked the crowning jewel of creation and has been at war against her ever since. Divided we remain powerless, living behind self-protecting walls of shame or blame. There has been a huge misunderstanding in interpreting the verses in creation regarding the ‘helper’ or ‘help meet’. But that word should never have been applied to a human being. If man’s bride believes she is supposed to be an assistant in life rather than a full partner in war, she shrinks back and ultimately violates the purpose of their relationship. Man is once again alone as the two live with walls between them. There is no power in co-existing. It takes both male and female united AS ONE to reflect God’s image and glory on the earth.


Book #4:  Lies that Bind

How did satan get us to divide? How did he get us to doubt God? With a lie that appeared to be true. When a lie appears true, truth appears false. Why is truth so important? You are more powerful than your enemy so he cannot bind you unless he gets you to believe and agree with him. Lies put you in bondage; truth sets you free. Truth is like a powerful but narrow road with a ditch on either side. The enemy does not care what ditch you are in so long as he keeps you off the center of that powerful, liberating path. On one side is the supremacist ditch which claims it is God’s will for women to be secondary; on the other side is extreme feminism which bitterly reacts to abuses from the past. Understanding how lies bind is much bigger than just the women’s issue. However, when we truly grasp how our enemy operates, we can easily over power him in all areas where his kingdom appears to be winning. To carefully maneuver the Church out of the supremacist ditch, we need to comprehend how this lie took root and why the Church is still stuck. As we pull Her from the miry mud, God’s truth will prevail and freedom will indeed reign.

Book #5:  The Groom’s Voice

Before truth can be accepted, it must be based on God’s VOICE. “Did God really say?” We have to know for ourselves what God said His in Word as well as what He is currently saying. Jesus withstood the enemy (who quoting scripture to temp him) by declaring, “Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that PROCEEDS out of the mouth of God.”  Even Immanuel could do nothing on His own initiative, but only that which He saw the Father do or heard the Father say. To be in unity with Him and with each other, the voice of God must be as real to us as it was to them in the Garden. Based on the teachings of Mark Virkler, we will explore four easy steps to learn how to hear and honor God’s Voice. The creator of the universe lives inside us and is closer than our skin. To be one with Him we must recognize and voluntarily yield to His loving voice. Through wounded hearts the enemy gets us to listen to the wrong voices, so inner healing becomes a key to being a powerful yet safe person. Recognizing His voice is the key to victory in every arena of life.  It is certainly key for the Army of God to lead by its General.


Book #6:  Your Royal Identity

We are a royal priesthood, joint heirs with Christ, a Kingdom of kings. We are children of the King, and He gave us a divine mandate to rule the earth. But there has been a major problem: both the fallen and the redeemed alike live out of their woundedness rather than out of their royal identity. Based on the teachings of Kris Vallotton, we will explore the difference between how princes and paupers think and behave. Paupers focus on their lack, kings imagine possibilities. Our internal reality always determines our outcome. Just like Joseph and Daniel, if we are royalty on the inside then it does not matter what circumstances we fall into. Even as slaves, these men rose to the top and ruled nations. Because they were powerful on the inside, their external circumstances yielded to their internal reality. We are the head and not the tail. Only as kings can we fulfill our royal mandate to destroy the works of the enemy and establish God’s Kingdom on earth.

Book #7:  Taking Dominion

We must take dominion! We must take dominion over the enemy and over the earth. The legal right to rule is already ours, but we’ve been allowing the forces of evil to prevail. We did not lose our rightful dominion at the fall, rather what we lost was our identity. All of mankind has dominion – whether saved or unsaved. Therefore, all it takes for evil to prevail is for people to give into temptation. We are either empowering the kingdom of darkness or the Kingdom of light. Before we can rule over evil forces, we must first be able to rule our own flesh. We cannot possess authority over any spirits that we make agreement with — like addiction or depression. Additionally, in order to wield authority on the earth, we must first be submitted to authority. Debunking lies about women’s role in leadership will restore the scepter to the Church’s right hand.

Book # 8:  Nobility’s Rule

Unity is the key to power, and honor is the key to unity. Only if we walk in honor can we walk together. God’s Kingdom is an upside down kingdom where the least is greatest, where you give to gain, where you die to live. As nobility, as kings in this upside down kingdom, we rule through love. Because we know we are powerful, we never serve from a slave’s mentality. We know how to go the extra mile, because it is a ‘get-to’ not a ‘have-to’. We do not submit from a place of slavery but rather from a place of strength. We have the internal strength to put others before ourselves because we do not operate out of insecurity or lack. Honor and faith are substances that connect us to God’s Kingdom in the here and now, where miracles become normal. This is an inclusive Kingdom; there is room for all to be saved, and there is room for all to be kings. And no one has to cover their head, or walk in someone else’s shadow, or live with their faces or their glory veiled. Instead, we lift each other up and by doing so we all go higher.

Book #9:  United We Stand…

Our differences are meant to be the very places of our joining together, like puzzle pieces. Take a husband and wife for example; it is in the very place of our physical differences that God designed us to experience oneness physically. Boy has the enemy perverted that one! Man and wife were to be a plural unity, in God’s image. United we stand; divided we fall. Divided we are alone. And a kingdom divided against itself cannot stand. Jesus said in John 17, the answer to world evangelism is that we become one, like They are One. We are to connect with each another at varying levels of intimacy, so there needs to be healthy and natural boundaries. When these boundaries get twisted, we get confused and again our dominion suffers. Never before has the family unit become so broken that normal bonding in infancy and childhood is absent or distorted. When we are joined together properly, living stones neatly fitted together, we are one unstoppable force. The Church is a sleeping giant — ready to wake up!

Book #10:  True Worship, True Love

Originally this message was going to be Undaunted, a message about the history of women. Since the fall of mankind women have had it rough. For modern women, the level of freedom we now enjoy came at a huge cost to many before us. Our freedom was not free. Many undaunted men and women have fought and paid a huge price for the liberties we now take for granted.

God changed our plans. Instead of Undaunted He took us on a journey into True Worship, True Love. He took us through the elements of the tabernacle where we find Christ and the plan of His redemptive work. From the beginning of time God wanted to dwell with us and bring His Kingdom to earth — first in the Garden, then in the tabernacle, now inside our very beings. We are the temple; we are God’s dwelling place. Having a deep and abiding understanding of true worship comes from understanding God’s work on the earth despite our fallenness. The tabernacle was the perfect means for demonstrating True Worship, True Love. It was also the perfect example of covenant and that there was a mystery yet to be solved.

Book #11:  The Great Mystery

In every epic story ever written, there is a battle between good and evil, usually involving both a hero and a damsel in distress. This theme is woven into the very core of our being and has been since the beginning because such a battle literally rages in the spirit realm. The damsel in distress, however, is not just any female, she is the Bride of Christ. Yes, the truth is that man’s bride has been taken captive by the enemy. But as Paul says, “this mystery is great but I speak of Christ and the Church.” The issue is much larger than gender. It is about the whole Church. Covenant is a living reality. If a married couple is united as one but half of her glory is veiled, then both are held back. If as the Bride of Christ we are to be connected with each and one with Him, but half the Church has her glory veiled, then we are all held back. Our Groom is awaiting a glorious Bride. It is time for the unveiling. Only together, corporately AS ONE, can we truly take our dominion of the earth, disciple nations, and replace the dark overlord with the King of Kings and establish His glorious Kingdom on earth.


Book #12:  Her Coronation

God created the male and the female for the purpose of intimacy and dominion. All creation has been groaning for the manifestation of the sons of God — for us to wake up to who we really are and to establish God’s Kingdom on earth. Now that the lies have been exposed and replaced with truth, male and female will once again rule side by side, together. We are all royalty, made in God’s image. Now that we comprehend our royal identity, we will be undaunted because we fight from victory not for victory. No longer do we strive to gain power by ruling over each other, instead our strength comes from unity, love, and from the very presence of the Holy Spirit. Together, in partnership with the Lord and each other, we will change the world. We will establish God’s Kingdom on earth. The Bride will be fully baptized in glory, in the Holy Spirit, and in good works. Christ will return for a Bride worthy of her Groom. But first, as the Church, we must crown her a king.

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